We Don't Always Win, but When We Do...

My wife is a huge Chicago Cubs fan and, since I wasn't a huge baseball fan before I met her, I became a Cubs fan once we tied the knot. There's a lot to love about the Cubs outside of winning streaks, which you won't find too often. Very rich history. Dedicated fans. Most importantly, though, they are relatable. If anyone tells me they can relate to teams like the Yankees there's no more to talk about. All they do is win win win (no matter what)...However, if you've ever been the longshot a time or two in your life like myself, the Cubs are definitely the team to root for. Underdogs are the most exciting characters to root for in a novel because they typically come from meager beginnings and you want nothing more than for them to succeed. A good underdog story is what I call an "Immediate Draw" or ID if you will.

Another ID: Love. Whether you want to admit it or not, we all love a good love story. Doesn't matter who you are, girl or guy. Love is probably one of the most single binding forces on this planet and we've all tasted it at one point or another. When I'm thinking about a developing love story or the concept of love, I have to take a second and think about what that word means to me. In a sentence, love is giving your all to someone or something, then figuring out a way to give more. I try to keep that in mind anytime I'm managing a love concept in a storyline. Side note: Isn't it hilarious how we question a character's motives in a movie or novel when it comes to love, but we've probably done the same thing in our own lives at one point?

If you like underdog stories with a bit of a love twist, you just might enjoy Legacy: G.L.O.W. Check me it out in two months!