Virgin No More

I've been a dad for about eight months now to a wonderful ten-year-old and I've gotta say the challenges have been both immense and rewarding. I didn't have a father growing up so I didn't have a firsthand account of what it took to be a good one. However, I knew, based on my personal thoughts and watching others, how I would want to parent. The same challenge has applied for me being a first-time author. Legacy: G.L.O.W. is my first published novel and the primary things that qualify me to write it are the countless hours of time I've spent reading other stories and the ideas in my own head of what I think a good story should be. I'll be the first to tell you I'm neither the perfect author or father, but everday that I live I'm determined to get better and better. That means, if you liked the first book, just wait until you read the second! Oh, and Kaleb, for you that means have a little patience with your Stepdad and I promise to do the same.