Today is the Day to…

1. Believe In Yourself.

2. Believe That Good Things Are Happening Even When You Can’t See Them.

3. Be the Person You Were Born to Be.

4. Do Something That Makes You Happy.

5. Forgive and Embrace Second Chances.

6. Give Someone Your Undivided Attention.

7. Help Someone In Need.

8. Make Someone Laugh.

9. Prove Your Worth By Giving it Your Absolute All.

10. Push Without Giving Up.

11. Read. Write. Read and Write.

12. Respect the Moment.

13. Smile In the Face of Adversity.

14. Spend Time With the People You Love the Most.

15. Tell Someone You Love Them.

16. Think Up New Ideas.


If I can do all of these things, I will have had one of the best days of my life. If I can do seven of these things, I had an amazing day. If I can do five of these things, that’s an outstanding day. If I can only do one of these things, that’s still a pretty good day. If I do none of these things, there’s always tomorrow…