Making Time

Relationships are tough. Whether it's a friendship, parent-to-child, or marriage, It's not just about love, but about sacrifice. You fight and you work through things together. There are days when the love you have for one another is not a feeling, but a choice. You choose to love each other despite your disagreements and dislikes. Being there. I would even argue as to say that's what the majority (and by majority, I mean about 58%) of a good relationship is: being present; making the conscious decision to stick around when it's not always flowers and lollilops. Not exactly the love stories we see in movies, huh?

It's actually better.  Choosing to love when you don't always "feel" it represents true commitment. When you're committed to a relationship, you're giving that person a special connection that you don't share with anyone else. Mere acquaintances and co-workers will come and go, but the ones you are committed to are connected to you for life. That's real love.

Writing, in a sense, is the same way. I'll confess, while writing is something I believe I'm good at, I don't always make time for it. When I do, I'm typically thinking of all the other things I could be doing. Sometimes I actually do those things while I'm supposed to be writing. Ok, fine, a lot of times.

To be able to write and write well, it's true you need some experience, knowledge of storytelling, and talent. But, even moreso, it's all about the 58%: being present. Writing is a war of the pages that is won by the small battles you have with yourself. You can say you want to accomplish a completed work all you want, but it all starts with physically sitting in front of that computer screen and staring down that blank page until it becomes a page filled with words. A lot of times you don't want to do it, but when you choose to do it, it means you love it all the more. Choice equals commitment and there's nothing better than commitment in writing.