The Dreaded Approval

One of the many things I love about writing is the complete control that it comes with. It's your world. You create it along with the characters, plot, beginning, middle, and end.  Because this creation stems from your own mind, you're almost guaranteed to like it. Making a work of art you know you're going to love is a beautiful thing, especially with all the crappy stuff that exists today. 

The more I started writing over time, the more I was asked for others to be allowed to read my stuff. While it was an honor, I didn't realize how much of a snakebite it would serve to be to my writing style. Instead of going with the flow, I intentionally started to adjust my style with others in mind. I would ask myself, "Would so-and-so like this?" or "Better not include this. So-and-so might not understand it." It wasn't long before I was driving myself nuts and writing wasn't enjoyable for awhile. I had to get back to what made me happy in the first place. I had to stop thinking about fans I didn't have and focus on my number 1 fan: Me. 

Writing is supposed to be an escape from the everyday suckage of life. When you write for others and not yourself, you're merely putting yourself in the same box that life can sometimes trap you in. The world needs different. Don't write because it fits a trend or because you think Aunt Becky will love it. Write because it's good for the soul and because it's from the heart. When you finish, you can take heart in knowing you were solely responsible for something that at least one person loves.