Ending With a Turkey

I love to bowl. Outside of reading (a good book) and writing, bowling is probably one of my favorite pasttimes. I love it because it's one of those sports where the door is always open for pretty much anyone to win. You could be having a piss-poor game through eight frames then bowl four straight strikes to end up winning the entire game. On the opposite side, I've watched a PBA game where someone bowled ten straight strikes...and still lost. Such is life. Just as in life, the best bowlers are usually the ones that show the most consistency. Good consistency that is. But what about the other two sides of the spectrum? How do they relate?

It sounds crazy, but bowling absolutely represents the spectrum of life. I'm sure you have a friend, relative, or know of a person that showed so much promise when they were younger. Might've been someone that was top of their class or captain of their team. You're probably picturing in your mind the exact person I'm talking about. And I'm sure you're also envisioning where that person went wrong. Some people get off to a hot start in life and just don't finish strong.

Then there are plenty of those that are just flat-out dealt a bad hand. Rough upbringing, maybe a terrible family or school system. I love to see those same people rise from the ashes and do something great with their lives.

Bowling, like life, shows a lot of love to finishers, people that can hang tough despite some rough frames and end strong. The last frame even gives you a chance to bowl one extra time to improve your chances of winning even more. We all get that chance when we play our cards right. While my novel  could be doing better, I have to remind myself that rough starts make for great endings. Just gotta keep pushing....To everyone reading this, I hope you bowl some strikes in the near future.