Life is Sweet

Let's face it, this world sucks. I think that's why I enjoy writing science fiction. It provides an escape from the occasional, mundane suckiness that is life. With things the way they are sometimes, the go-to is complaints, but when you think about it, life isn't that bad at all. It's actually pretty sweet.

Here I am sitting here watching an NBA game on a comfy couch in a nice apartment--an apartment that has lights, hot water, and food. I have a good job. Great family. In spite of all that, the negative has a way of seeping in. Happens to everybody. So what's the solution?

I think we come to appreciate life more when we do the things we're passionate about. Honing your talents. Spending time with family. Sleep. Yes, you can be passionate about sleep. Just ask my wife. Her iron is so low...For me, it's writing. Accomplishing something by creating a thing that wasn't there before helps me appreciate life more than ever. Life's not perfect, but it has plenty of awesome nuggets if you look for them.