There Was Something There

Motivation. It's something I definitely had to work on when I started writing. Not motivation to write, although that can be a struggle somedays too. I mean the motivation behind my characters. Why they do what they do. It's why some empathize with antagonists and others might hate a main character because they have that one annoying trait that reminds them of their ex or someone else they might not like. Motivation is vital and it's something I'm working on improving everytime I create new characters. 

Recently there was a stabbing at my son's school. The details are murky, but what is known is an eighth-grade boy stabbed an eighth-grade girl during recess. The boy was detained while the girl was flown to the nearest hospital to get treated. With no details in place, it was interesting to hear the different perspectives. There were a lot of parents that think the kid is straight up Looney Tunes, that he hauled off and stabbed the girl for no good reason. I tried to think about things from the boy's perspective, though. Not that I'm taking his side by any means. Wrong is wrong. However, I don't think it's as simple as one side is completely innocent and the other side is a complete villain. Whether it was depression or something else, clearly something was going on inside of him. Who knows, maybe something was done or said that pushed him too far. Again, not condoning what he did. I'm merely saying there was a justifiable reason there, whether bad or good.

Motivation. It's what drives us to be the people we are in the here and now. It makes us act and react. Think. Push. Live.