Heroes and Hindsight

On my way inside of a restaurant to have breakfast with my son, I opened the door for a group of four. After about three minutes in the waiting area, the hostess comes up to that same group, asks how many, then proceeds to seat them. I wasn't mad...until that same hostess told my son and I that it would be five minutes before we were seated. Don't worry, this isn't a blog entry about race. It's moreso a commentary on life. In the grand scheme of things, this happens everyday on a regular basis. People are willing to do what they need to do to succeed not worrying about how the things they did to get ahead effect others.

The mom in the group looked back at me for a split sec wondering whether or not she should speak up. Ultimately, I think she came to the conclusion that she was hungry, didn't want to bother the rest of her group with doing the "right" thing, and it wasn't that big of a deal so she was going to get over it and enjoy her breakfast. Writing for me is therapy. Through my blogs, novels, tweets, I work through my feelings and issues whether directly or subliminally.

This is why I like to write about heroes, girls/guys that don't always make the right decisions, but find a way to save the day and solve the problem. No matter how large or small, heroes right the wrongs of the injustices of the world. When my protagonists save the day, it's my way of telling that lady, "Hey, you. We were next."

In hindsight, maybe I should've said that to begin with. Nah, I'll let my heroes do all the work.