The Evolution of a Young Adult Sci-Fi Series

It started out as Space Rings. I know, awesome title right? The key word from that sentence is "started" as in, I had an idea, planned it, and actually put it into motion. Something I'm having trouble with as of late, but I digress...The original plan was to do thirteen books which was about as lengthy as my very first draft was. When you're writing your first anything, even when you plan the whole thing out (which I did), it always feels like it's longer than it needs to be.  As I finished the first one, I realized an overhaul was in order. If the first book was any indication of what my main characters would have to go through in the future, there was no way they were going to make it to thirteen.

I trimmed it down to eight books, changed the series name to The Namooms, and began submitting to the dozens of agents and publishers who would consider me. The thing I love about writing is that it's a craft you improve upon by actually reading and writing, two of my favorite things. The more I read and wrote, the more I realized three things: 1. My main characters need a story people can get behind (a la Harry Potter); 2. The action needs to jump off immediately (a la The Way of the Wolf); and 3. The series title needs to be something with punch people can get behind. Thus Legacy was born!  I'm excited for what the series is now and what it's going to be down the road.

Stay tuned!