One Night, Thirty Winners

The NBA Draft, one of my favorite nights of the year, just occurred last night. I love watching for a few reasons. First of all, I LOVE basketball so it's cool to see the next up and coming stars. Secondly, it's very interesting to watching thirty guys become millionaires in the matter of a couple of hours. It's like watching a group of people win the lottery at once.

Lastly, and probably the main reason, I love hearing all the stories. Stories of how guys who started from the bottom had to fight to make it. Not just on their team, but in life. Guys growing up homeless or without parents. Guys growing up on streets that the average person wouldn't survive on. Stories of loss and pain. And there they are being blessed enough to walk up on that stage right towards their happy ending.

I love it. It's motivation for me to be a better me. Sometimes when I'm dealt a tough hand, I think about those guys who made it from the bottom and rose to become something special. And those are just the stories that go public. Think about all the people that come out of the hood to become doctors, lawyers. It's incredible and inspiring at the same time. Those stories fuel me. They make me want to push to see my dreams come into fruition. I watch those stories with the hope that someday, I'll be in a position to tell my own. Time to get to work.