Seeing the Light

It's hard to smile in dark times. When things aren't going well, it almost feels like you're suffocating, like life is literally trying to strangle you. What's worse, you don't feel an ending in sight. In a pessimistic world, it's easy to view the bad times as everlasting and the good times as fleeting.

Eclipses are cool to watch if you can manage to be around for the short period of time that they happen. I learned some cool things about eclipses recently. Firstly, there are three types of eclispses: a partial eclipse, an annular eclipse, and a total eclipse. If I can get nerdy here for a second (some of you are probably screaming "Too late!"), a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks out the sun. In other words, the darkness consumes the light...or at least that's what is supposed to be happening. If you've ever seen an eclipse in person, you've probably seen a ghostly glow of light extending around the edges. A phenomenon known as "Bailey's Beads" often appears as sunlight shines out through valleys on the lunar surface. In other words, even as the moon is trying to choke out the light, the light finds a way to shine through.

That can be us in dark times. Even as hard times threaten to consume everything in our lives, there is always a light to hold on to if we take a moment to look for it. The dark times are what give us perspective and strength and shows us just how bright the light within our own lives really is. Bailey's Beads? We are Bailey's Beads. 

What am I saying? I'm saying that no one or nothing, no matter how daunting or terrible, can kill the light in your life. And no dark thing lasts forever. The longest a total solar eclipse can last is 7.5 minutes. Sure tough situations in our lives can last substantially longer. but it's not forever. We're going to be just fine.