Love and Quarterbacks

New couples make me roll my eyes sometimes. The ones that can't seem to keep their hands off each other for five seconds. The ones that are ALWAYS posting about how in love they are on Facebook. The ones that tell you their boyfriend/girlfriend got off early so they're ditching you to hang out with them. Their fights are so small potatoes that it makes you laugh because you just went to all-out war with your spouse the day before. You know exactly who I'm talking about.

Is it real? Or is it fresh?

I think about love in terms of a football game. When you're first starting out, you're a kicker. Your job is simple and people love you for it. Oh, you bought flowers? It's good! Weekend vacation? 50-yarder right through the uprights! Took her to a nice restaurant? Took her to meet your parents? Gamewinner! The Facebook crowd is going crazy because you posted all about it. You get to be the hero even when you haven't done all that much.

Old love is like a quarterback. A quarterback's job is to manage an entire game. While certain plays will help lead the team to victory, those plays mean nothing if the game isn't managed properly.  A quarterback, even the all-time greats, will fall short at times. He gets knocked on his behind at least eight times during the course of a game. Whether or not it's a sack, it still hurts.That same quarterback will be scrutinized by those that haven't done the job before or, better yet, those that have done the job and weren't good at it. "Why didn't he throw the ball out of bounds? Why didn't he slide?"  

Here's the crazy thing about that old quarterback: He doesn't get to take plays off. In spite of the scrutiny and the dozens of jarring hits, he finds a way to get up. It might be slower than it was the time before, but he gets up nonetheless. He keeps playing in that game where he was just blindsided by a 300-pound lineman. The good ones find a way to keep their heads in the game. The really good ones find a way to win. It's amazing when you take a moment to think about it.

We're three years into marriage now and it's safe to say we're in quarterback territory. I know, some of you old heads are probably thinking, "Talk to me when you've done it ten plus years!" I get it, but three years is beautiful, especially when you have someone amazing to split snaps with.

Jennifer McSween, I'd take 100 sacks from Von Miller if it means I get to share the big game with you. I got you. You got me. As long as we're together, we can beat anybody and anything. I love you because we're different. I love you because we're the same. Whether it rains or pours, I won't stop throwing passes.

One final thing before I end this. I've gotten this question a few times over the course of my relationship: How did you know she was the one for you? There were a few signs that pointed me in the right direction, but one in particular that stands out today.

We had just arrived at our hotel room in Cozumel. We were sitting on the bed talking while Kaleb, our son, was running around on the balcony like a crazy person. When Kaleb finally slowed down, he decides to come inside. He walks towards the doorway casually and runs smack dab into the glass sliding door! Trying to be sensitive to the situation, I looked to Jen to gauge her reaction.

She's laughing so hard tears are in her eyes.

"What a dumbass," she says under her breath.

Yep. That's when I knew. Happy anniversary, babe.