Personal Professionals

I don't have many pet peeves. I'm a pretty tolerant person when it comes down to it. Wasn't always, but getting older changes you. I do have one pet peeve in particular that drives me crazier than almost anything else: Fat personal trainers. Isn't that an oxymoron if you've ever heard one? I know what you're going to say: There are some older trainers that were professional athletes in their hayday and now they're passing on the knowledge that they used during their healthier days. Still not buying it. I could give two craps if you USED to be an olympian or you were in incredible shape twenty years ago. That was then. This is now, 2016, and 2016 says you've put down the weights and picked up the doughnuts. Which is fine, not faulting you for that at all. It's just that when I'm looking at someone that's training me, I expect to see someone I would like to aspire to be. I'll never say, "Man, I sure wish I looked like you did in 1983." I wasn't even born in 1983, come on man!

When you're claiming to be a professional, you have to act and look professionally. In other words, people need to see by your actions and not your words that you are what you say you are. You want to be a personal trainer? Great, but you better look diesel in a string tank top. Just a thought. In my case, the case of writing, I have to continuously develop my craft. How do I do that? By writing!  

I try and maintain professionalism by writing on an everyday basis, including the days where my laptop is the last thing I want to see. I also stay professional by editing everything I write. Personally, I think people should do it anyway, but especially if you're trying to write professionally. I edit EVERYTHING, including Facebook posts and texts before I hit send. If I'm truly a writer then what you read from me at the very least should be...well, readable. 

Words are powerful, but it's our actions behind those words and the way we carry ourselves that truly define us.