I Hate Norm

Yahtzee is one of my favorite games. My wife showed me how to play about four years ago and I've been hooked ever since. With a mixture of luck and strategy involved, your objective is to roll a set of dice up to three times on any given turn to try and get certain combinations. In about eight games, I was hooked!

So hooked, in fact, that I started playing on the Yahtzee With Buddies app. I've noticed that there are three different types of players: 1. The ones that go with the flow of the game and let their rolls dictate how their game will go; 2. The smart players who strategize to go after different combinations; and 3. The aggressive players--Players that take chances beyond just when they have to. Player #3 also relies on strategy, but is relying on a little bit of luck to get them over the hump.

Out of all of the opponents that I've faced, I've found that the aggressive players are typically the best ones. I'm not in their heads, but it seems they don't overthink things from one move to the next and when they swing for the fences and succeed, the game can be over fairly early on. It's the same thing in life. The people that have the most success are typically the ones that have the guts to take chances in life. No matter their hangup--be it money, pride, self-esteem, whatever--they are willing to put everything on the line to go after what matters the most to them in life. And let's be clear, when I say "guts", I'm not implying that a person is bold or fearless but rather they are choosing to do something out of their comfort zone in spite of that fear.

There are so many pressures in this world that try and push us towards "the norm", The norm tells us that we need to have a certain job or we need to do things a certain way or have this or that vice in our life to help us make it. The norm tells us we need to make this amount of money or fall in love with that type of person. Having guts to take a chance is not about being fearless, but it's about you taking a stand and saying, "Screw the norm. I'm doing it MY way and I'll deal with the results whatever they may be."

Two years ago, I self-published my first novel. Leading up to that point, I spent months debating whether or not it was the right decision. Self-publishing is frowned upon because the norm tells writers they need to go through a mainstream publisher.  Here's what ultimately helped me make my decision: In order to succeed, you first have to try. I began to say that over and over until it became my mantra. As a result, I took the leap and the Legacy series was birthed to the world.

Two years later, I'm not a millionaire. I don't have a big house. My book hasn't sold 10,000 copies and honestly I don't think it's sold 1,000. I realized something, though: Two years ago, my mantra was completely wrong. Instead of saying, "In order to succeed, I have first have to try", I should have been saying something much simpler: Trying IS succeeding. 

There are so many people in this world that don't try enough, that get comfortable in their "norm". If that's you and you're reading this, it's never too late to take steps in the direction of accomplishing your dreams. On the other hand, if you've found yourself trying and failing constantly, just remember that you are ALREADY successful. No one or nothing can take that away from you.

Keep succeeding.