Learning From French's Mom

Watching a new show called "The OA" right now. Really really good show recommended by my nephew and seemingly every other person I talk to. There is one kid on the show named French. In one scene, he confronts his mom who is drunk yet again and can't seem to get her life together. She tells French at one point that he should stop putting so much pressure on himself to get a scholarship and trying to get into a certain profession. Those things, while important, don't define the man that is.

Who he is is already there.

That hit me hard as I started thinking about my own life. If I'm honest, I can't help thinking that achieving certain things will somehow affect my status in life or change who I am. "Once I close five deals, I will be a great salesperson." "Once I get a book published mainstream, then I am an official author." Those goals, while great, don't define the man that I am. In fact, I am that man right NOW. Time to start acting like it.