Future Projects from Shelf Esteem

Legacy: G.L.O.W.

On Lyre, Face Ranks rule the world.  For Bartok Organon, it's tough being an Eight of Diamonds.  According to his school counselor, Bartok is destined for a life of insignificance.  However, a random act of heroism turns his fate in a different direction.  He is offered the opportunity to participate in the Testing to become a Guardian, one of the world's most coveted positions.  His father is willing to let him pursue this chance of a lifetime on one condition:  He has to take his annoying six-year-old brother Klarvid along for the ride.  Bartok is upset but, soon, he and the rest of the world will realize how special Klarvid is.  Thus begins the Legacy series, the story of two brothers striving for greatness in a world where they are meant to be nothing. 

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Legacy ii: spark

Three years have pasted since the Volstredin city murders occurred. The Organon brothers are trying to move on with their lives but are finding that old wounds are hard to heal.

Coming soon in 2016.


The last human chef

In a world where androids and robots perform all menial tasks, a teenage kid falls in love with the most unlikeliest of hobbies; cooking.  His culinary skills will take him on a journey across the world with his English Sheepdog, Max, and his prudish robot, Che.

Coming soon.